Cycling in Cheung Chau, HK

So in relation to my first post about Cheung Chau, this time I was able to enjoy cycling the Island for the second time. However, it has been my fifth time to visit this Island. The weather was perfect and we have departed from Central port, Pier number 5, getting the fast ferry as usual. It will cost you about hkd$26 per head to get the fast ferry but you may also opt to get the normal ferry for a lesser charge. We took the 2:45pm schedule as there was not too much intervals, so if you plan to spend a lot of time in the Island, leave earlier from the pier. Once you get into the Island, you may walk further left or right, either will get you to enjoy some fresh seafood local cooking at reasonable prices.
Now after our late lunch, we walked around to find bike rentals, there’s a lot of shops that offer bike rentals for hkd$20 per hour. This time, we enjoyed the cycling to the left side of the Island:

The other side is actually very quiet and peaceful, you get to hear nothing but the waves and the birds singing, just nature. If you are the kind who prefers to chill with lots of people around, then the main beach will work for you. There is only 1 bar at the main beach too (that offers drinks only) but overall, great island to explore. 😉

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