Lion Rock, Hong Kong

To people who loves to hike and sweat to burn some fats without needing to travel farther, this Lion Rock hiking trail is one of the best options because it’s easily accessible from either Diamond Hill MTR station or Won Tai Sin MTR station. Feel free to search MTR maps for the station guide. We took Won Tai Sin (EXIT B3). This hike will certainly give you a breathtaking experience once you reached the top. You will get the view of the city’s buildings while sitting and relaxing on the huge rocks. Now, getting to the starting point is not easy, you need to take a little walk, maybe 30-45 minutes, depending on your pace but it’s all worth it. Possibility of meeting monkeys along the road is pretty nice too, just don’t dare to touch them nor feed them.

When you get out of Exit B3, just continue to walk straight ahead until you get to the right side of the Temple. Refer to photos below:

Continue to walk straight ahead until you see this building that seems to look like a worshipping place and just walk all the way up til you reached the starting point:


You will enjoy your hike along the way, because the journey will give you glimpse of the views that you can anticipate when you reached the top. Please take a look at below photos on what to see when you successfully finish the hike up!

People like me who loves hiking will find this view very relaxing and enjoyable, the hike here is not difficult, I would say medium level. Just make sure to wear the right hiking shoes because there are rocky roads indeed! If you go with some friends, the more the merrier.

Life is suppose to enjoy, get out of your comfort zone and see more of the greater things, embrace nature while you can because great memories matters.
Hope you will find this place very inspiring and breathtaking. 😉

***Additional photos below from my 2nd Hike here:

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