“Cheung Chau Island, HK”

Cheung Chau is one of my favorite Islands in Hong Kong that always make me feel relaxed and at home. It is full of things to do like cycling/biking, white beach, seafood, shopping native items and even hiking too.

When you arrived in the Island from a fast ferry ride for about 20 minutes, you will find local shops right away where you can try their famous mango mochis (my fave local dessert).  Lots of native items to buy and window shop along the way, and from your left handside…continue to walk til the end to find the seafood restaurants area, very affordable seafood choices. After you enjoy some lunch or so, you can also rent a bicycle to enjoy most part of the Island around.

Enjoy a beautiful stroll and see beautiful corners. The white sand beach is also very easy to find, around 5 minute walk from the seafood restaurant area. There are beach umbrellas and sun lounges to rent as well and a bar for only drinks along the beach. On your way close by, you can also buy some frozen fruits like frozen watermelon & pineapple on a stick. It is indeed an enjoyable snack with the heat of the sun.

You will find the locals very friendly and helpful so you won’t worry even you enjoy the Island alone. 😉

How to get here:
Get a fast ferry from Central Pier to Cheung Chau, Pier number 5.

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