Hanoi, Vietnam


This is Vietnam’s second largest City and its religion is Buddhist and this deserves a short story in my blog. Although the city’s language is Vietnamese, they are also known to speak French or Haitian Creole. I remember when my husband and I visited this City, to my surprised… I was amazed with the French feels of this place from houses to its historical buildings and churches.

So we stayed at the Intercontinental Hanoi and the hotel itself is also amazing and surroundings is definitely romantic. All rooms will have you feeling like floating by the lake and best ones for me are the lowest floor which we got. The service is perfect and the best part is having breakfast by the lake every morning.

Now, the City is not much populated, even nightlife is not too much…you will get a peaceful vibe if you take a morning run at the park. If you would like to get out and have some beer at night, they do have street bars and lots of restaurant choices to discover Vietnamese taste. They have cute tables and chairs (like really small ones) as it is part of the culture. There are souvenir shops too that are open til evening.

One of the most memorable and emotional place to visit is the “Hoa Lo Prison” or also known as Maison Centrale. The prison was built by the French colonialist. When we visited this place, emotions were pouring out of me. I never thought such a museum would make me feel sad and imagine how hard and harsh the prisoners struggled at that time, I was controlling myself to cry. I really got goosebumps too, I cannot express more but i think the photos below will literally explain better:

Well, after the sad visit from the French prison, our next stop was the “Halong Bay”. It features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in different shapes and sizes. We took a boat ride to the bay along with few other tourists, you can ask your hotel to arrange that for you. The boat had a nice small bar and restaurant inside. We had a full day tour including lunch or you may also book overnight (with overnight boat tours) or more. The bay was stunning and breathtaking, the journey will keep you busy taking photos to keep. When we reached to these super small Halong Bay floating villages, residents do everything here. They have their houses, shops, schools and police stations too. One of the activity that we did was Kayaking, definitely worth it and fun!

I love Hanoi, the food, people and their culture.

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  1. shena says:

    Well, i did not know hanoi got influenced by france until now . It just makes the city more interesting and special. Beautiful place indeed.


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