Osaka & Kyoto Escapade

Osaka,Kyoto (Gion,Arashiyama&Sagano)
My Experience told in Photos ♥️

*OSAKA - Dotonbori

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*KYOTO - the Ryokan Experience

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*ARASHIYAMA - Bamboo Grove

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*SAGANO - the Romantic Train ride
(view was breathtaking,can never forget)

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*KYOTO -GION and around

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I certainly would love to go back again and again and explore more of Japan. I like how the people there are very respectful and disciplined. One of the amazing thing there are the taxi drivers, they are in Tux and very clean, you will always get a very nice ride. Although not too much locals speaks English, they always try their best to communicate by body language. haha. Amazing food is in every corner from Sushi,Sashimi, Noodles,Japanese grill, Okonomiyaki and more, I have posted some food photos under FOOD section in this website. Not much but the ones worth to try.

One Comment Add yours

  1. shena says:

    wow! i love how this photos captured the true essence of this magical place that it gives you the urge to go see and experience this wonderful place yourself!!!! just so beautiful!!


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