Bohol , Philippines


It’s the 10th biggest Island in the Philippines and has also white sand beaches and dive spots, historical sites and ecotourism highlights to choose from.

One of the best resorts in Bohol is “Bohol Beach Club”, my husband and i was able to stay here twice from our two time visit too. The resort is just wonderful and beautifully located with beach fronts accommodations and lots of coconut trees around, in between some of the coconut trees by the beach are hammocks and sun lounges.

If you are trying to find a relaxing place with good location, good food and water sports…then this beach resort is one of the best option. They can also book you tours if you wish. During our three nights stay here, we did visit some of the best highlights which are The Chocolate Hills, the River Cruise where you get to listen to great singers while dining on a floating restaurant and last one was to see the little Tarsiers  ( these are tiny kind of monkeys ), Tarsiers can even just fit in the palm of your hand with Huge round eyes.

Photos: The Chocolate Hills and The Tarsier

Now as you can see from the photo above, the Chocolate Hills appear green but they turn into brown during dry season, these are not man-made at all and that’s amazing. They are uniform in shape and mostly between 30 to 50 meters high and there are about 1,268 hills. It’s quite refreshing when you get to climb to the top area where all tourist gather to see the entire view.

Bohol is really one of the island to remember, and the two beaches i would recommend are Panglao Beach and Alona Beach. The resort we’re staying at is located in Panglao and definitely has great seaview and sunsetview. Check out these photos;

These are all unfiltered, so imagine the real scenery if you see ‘em on your own eyes.

To get here, just book a flight ticket to Tagbilaran and then get a cab to your beach destination. All the best!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. shena says:

    i heard alot of beautiful things about bohol from my dad and from my friends, that’s why i want to go there one day but what intrigues me more are those small tiny little creatures with big eyes!!!!!!!! i want to see how tiny they are in real life!!!!!!geezzzzzz!


    1. LiveLoveLaugh says:

      haha! yes, you should!


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