Boracay Island

 Boracay Island

My ever favorite Island with powdered white sand beach in the Philippines. I recently revisited Boracay this year (2018 March) and was really happy that i did, especially when i knew that it has been confirmed to close down from April 26 for up to six months to allow environmental rehabilitation. During this period no local or foreign tourists will be permitted to enter the Island.

This year’s visit, I decided to just enjoy the beach, do standing paddle, stay in sun lounges, sip coconut fruit juice, enjoy sunset sailing, eat grilled food by the beach and just enjoy listening to Reggae music almost every night… because i have done most beach activities on previous visits anyway.

Boracay is a long stretched white sand beach with lots of accommodations to choose from Station 1,2 & 3 and also some beach resorts away from the busy area. There’s so many beach activities to choose from…from Diving, sunset sailings, parasailing, paddle & body boards for rent, island hopping and more! You just need to know how to bargain prices as due to it’s touristic area, prices will start higher but trust me, it is always negotiable. It is full of bars, restaurants and live music. I can’t really recommend places this time because the Island is closing for rehabilitation. Hopefully when it re-opens, it will be a lot better and improved as there was quite some problems after the typhoon of Dec. 2017.

Here are some beautiful unfiltered photos I can  share with you;

(Powdered white sand and skyblue water)

(The water clarity and the Beautiful Sunset)

I am sure that this is not my last visit in Boracay, I will definitely keep coming back to this. Sometimes a reminder on how to take care of our Nature is not enough, we really need to act on it, as tourists… we need to dispose our trashes properly and observe cleanliness. Protect the environment so that we can spiritually benefit on it.

How to go:

The most convenient way is to book a direct flight to Caticlan Airport and transportation then after will not be a problem as there’s a lot of options for you from Pedecabs (tuk-tuk) or group transportation offered in the airport to the island.

All the Best for this Island. ♥️



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